The Booster TAC is offering an alternative way to show our appreciation to all 74 BASIS teachers, admin, and staff that are such an important part of the lives of our children.  The 4th Annual Booster Holiday Teacher Gift Fund provides a convenient, centralized, and efficient way to give to ALL your student’s teachers before Winter Break!  For each donation of $74 or above, the Boosters will pledge an additional $10 to be given to the ATF during the Big Give (up to $2000 max). 

Booster Teacher Holiday Gift Donation

Additional Options
  • All contributions, big and small, are welcome and appreciated. In 2018 and 2019 we were able to give $250 per teacher, $100 to admin, and $50 to part-time employees. In 2017 we were able to give $150 per teacher and had enough left over to give $50 to each administrator. We will collect funds through December 15th and distribute the cash on December 17.

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