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Boosters Guide to Lunch FAQs

The Boosters have just completed our first week of Boosters Lunch Bunch with great success! During this time we've received a number of questions about the Boosters Lunch program and would like to address these FAQ's in our brief Guide to Lunch here, especially for those parents who are new to BASIS and our lunch program.

How is Booster's Lunch different from any other school lunch program? Well, in many ways, so let's cover the similarities first. There are two similarities between Booster's lunch and other school lunch programs, particularly public school. The first is that we serve food, and the second is that parents have to pay for it (unless a family qualifies for the free lunch program). That's about where the similarities end, and where our questions and answers begin.

This FAQ guide is meant to be a living document which may grow with new FAQs throughout the year. Please bookmark or print this page and refer back to it whenever you have a question about Basis Lunch.

Lunch Contact Information

Our Facebook pages are for delivering Booster news and events to our Booster parents. The lunch committee does not answer Facebook inquiries about lunch. To keep our Facebook pages clutter free and informative, we will redirect all Facebook inquiries to the following email address and shut off commenting. Please direct any and all questions to:


General Refund Policy

In summary, there are no refunds. Please check your orders thoroughly before you submit your order on Boonli. We know that there are many scenarios which will create an inquiry about refunds, so we'd like to address a few here.

Q: Will the Booster's know if my child is absent that day and refund my child's lunch or apply a credit to our account?

A: Because we order from our vendor restaurants in advance, The Booster's can not adjust for a child's absence. We do not have absentee lists. We know who has ordered lunch and what meal the child will receive, but as for absences, we do not make changes based on absences. There are no refunds and no credits for absent children.

Q: What if my child forgets or refuses to get in line to get their lunch?

A: A great way to help your child remember that they have Booster lunch that day is for you to write it in their Communication Journal ("CJ") on the days they have lunch. Your child is responsible for getting their lunch. If you are concerned about your child forgetting, even with the memo you write in their CJ, then you may send a note to your child's teacher. There are no refunds given for a child who forgets to get their lunch or refuses to get in line for lunch.

Q: My child was supposed to have lunch but did not get a lunch. Can I get a refund?

A: If your child is supposed to have lunch and for some reason did not get in line and the teacher did not notice, please let your child know that they must tell their teacher that they need to get their lunch and please contact your child's teacher about it. There are no refunds for this.

Q: We have to go out of town unexpectedly. Can our paid-for lunches during the absence be refunded or pushed forward to the next month?

A: No, there are no refunds for absences and no credits or pushing lunch orders forward. What you can do is see if any fellow parent would like to buy your lunches for that period of time, from you. Then, notify the Booster Lunch Committee of the transaction immediately.

Lunch for Children at Different BASIS Schools/Transferring

Q: I have a child at BASIS NC and a child at BASIS Shavano. Can I just order both lunches at the same time on the same account?

A: Quite a few BASIS NC families have children at two different BASIS schools. Each BASIS location has its own Booster Board, and each Booster Lunch Committee operates separate lunch programs. Therefore, it is very important that you order lunch with the Boonli website dedicated for each specific school. For instance, if you order double lunches at BASIS Shavano even though one child goes to NC your NC child will not be on our list to have lunch, and vice versa. We do not give refunds for this.

Q: Are the lunches the same at all San Antonio BASIS schools?

A: While we may at times use the same or similar restaurant vendors, that is not planned. Our BASIS NC lunches are ordered specifically for BASIS NC students who have ordered lunch via our Boonli account. Any similarity between two BASIS schools on the same day is purely coincidence.

Q: I am transferring my child to a different BASIS campus. Can I transfer our lunch order to our new campus or get a refund for the rest of the month?

A: What you can do is check with other parents to see if anyone would like to take over your lunch orders for the month for their child. There are no lunch order transfers between schools and there are no refunds for transfers.

Ordering Lunch

Q: I missed the ordering dates window for this month, so can I still order?

A: The ordering windows are wide enough to give everyone ample time to order and pay for lunch. After that, lunch orders for that month are closed.

Q: I'm trying to order lunch for next month and it's not letting me.

A: Please check to see if you are within the ordering window dates for that month and that you have clicked on the correct month.

Q: How will we know the ordering dates for the next month?

A: The Booster Lunch Committee will send out a notice via multiple channels and reminders with ample time to order your child's lunch.

Q: I'm new and we started late in the school year, and don't have an account with Boonli. I want to order lunch. What should I do?

A: Please contact the Lunch Committee ASAP at basisnorthlunch@gmail.com

Qualifying for Free Lunch Service (FLS)

BASIS does have financial aid available for those families who, based on low income, qualify based for BASIS's Free Lunch Service. Please do not contact the Boosters about applying for this. You must contact Andrew Freeman, Head of Operations, by calling the front office or by emailing andrew.freeman@BASISed.com


Q: My child reports that they did not get their sauces or some other part of their lunch. Who do I talk to about this?

A: If your child is not a kindergartener and eats their lunch in the lunchroom, the best person to speak with about this is your child. Each child who goes through the line has the same opportunity to choose and pick up whatever sauces and sides are available. Some children take off before completing the line. Encourage your children to go through the full line and pick up their sauces and sides or we will think they do not want them.

Q: My child is a kindergartener and was denied all sauces and dips that came with the lunch. Who do I need to speak with about this?

A: Because kindergarteners eat in the classroom, the full lunch for each child with all sides and all sauces available are delivered on a cart by a lunch volunteer and left with the teacher. The best person to speak with about this issue is then your child's teacher.

Helpful Tips from Veteran BASIS Lunch Parents!

Who knows how Basis Booster Lunches work better than veteran Basis parents?! Here are some of their best tips on making lunch smooth for your child:

* If your child does not have Booster Lunch every day and finds it hard to remember when they have lunch, you can write "LUNCH!" in their CJ in the column for the day. Make it colorful!

* Talk to your children about letting their teacher know when they have lunch, and if they are worried that they will get skipped over for going into the lunch line be sure to encourage your children to speak up with their teacher.

* Teachers do get lists of children who get Booster Lunch, but mistakes can happen. If you are concerned about this, communicate with your teacher.

* Make sure that your Boonli account is in your child's name, not your name. Otherwise, the parent will be on the list to receive lunch instead of the child.

Thank you for being part of the Basis Boosters Lunch Bunch! Please direct any and all future inquiries to the Booster Lunch Committee at: