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Booster Meeting Minutes Now Available

Thank you BASIS parents for a great turn out to our first Booster Meeting on Monday September 11th. For those who missed the meeting or would simply like to recap, the Booster Secretary has recorded the following meeting minutes. For a print-copy, please click here.

Meeting Minutes

Boosters General Meeting

9/11/17 6:30pm MPR

Introduction – Rachel Allred introduced the meeting and gave a brief background on Boosters versus PTO and what we have done in the past two months for planning. Lunches has been the biggest initiative thus far. We have offered a sign up to volunteer for lunch. The window is 10:30am-12:30pm.

Treasurer – Angie Stone

Secretary – Karen Bryant

VP, Teacher Appreciation – Beth Sims

VP, Events – Karen Berlanga

VP, Lunches – Kristen Swail

VP, Communications – Blythe Chambers

Treasurer report – Angie Stone provided a verbal report of what we have generated so far. She will provide a documented report moving forward. If you have any questions regarding treasury please email Basisnorthtreasurer@gmail.com

Teacher Appreciation – Beth Sims provided a report. She is looking for volunteers. Please indicate your interest on the Booster membership form. We will be celebrating teacher birthdays. If you have any ideas please pass these along. Teacher appreciation fund will be a focus in the latter part of the year.

Events – Karen Berlanga provided a report.

§ Saturday, October 28th Trunk and Treat at the school. Time is to be determined. You will be given more information on the actual event around your classes trunk or treat project.

Fundraising – We will be gearing up our fundraising efforts in the next couple of months. Please indicate on your membership form if you are interested in assisting with fundraising.

Lunch Committee – report given by Kristen Swail. Lunches has gotten off to a great start.

Ordering window is usually the 18th or 21st day of the month prior. We do not accept late orders. Lunches are not transferrable. The success of our program relies on communication. If you could help communicate with your child on the days they are getting a prepared lunch at school. Please also make sure your child’s name is correct in the profile on your Boonli account and also indicate the correct lunch time. Especially for kindergarten.

Volunteer: you can sign up through sign up genius. This has been posted on the BASIS Boosters facebook page. You can also sign up on the clipboard provided to be a part of the core group.

Restaurants that have been included in the lunch program for this year are:

§ Matter of Taste

§ Fuddruckers

§ Azuca

§ Papa Johns

§ Panda Brothers

§ Lennys’

If you need to contact the lunch committee please email Basisnorthlunch@gmail.com

Additional Information:

§ Box Tops - Pauli McCraken introduced the Box Tops competition that has started by grade

§ Merchandise – Boosters is working on merchandise. We will create an online store to promote and purchase

§ Library – We are creating a library for the school. If you have any books to donate please consider this.

§ Watch D.O.G.S. – Opportunity for Dads to volunteer during drop off and pick up at the campus. There will be more information forthcoming.

Introduce Head of School and Head of Operations – Dr. Rico-Watson and Andy Freeman

- More to come on Watch DOGS program

- Staff will be reaching out to the parent volunteers for the classroom. Serve as parent liaison to the schools and Boosters.

- Administration will be creating a space for BASIS parents to be able to congregate on campus in the school so parents can interact and begin to build more of the BASIS culture.

- Introduced a new app, Drive Line, for drop off and pick up. There will be a number designated to your student that you will either add to your placard or add to a piece of paper.

- There will be more changes forthcoming on the campus to help with the drop off and pick up.

- Also in the planning phases for a terraced “kinder-garden”

- Club Fair is tentatively set for September 25th

- Look at your email tonight for information on intramurals.


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