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Lunch Spotlight: Panda Brothers

It's Tuesday! Do you know what that means? Tuesdays are Panda Brothers lunch catering days at Basis North Central! Our mouths are watering just typing this and thinking about what's being served for lunch today: steaming heaps of aromatic homemade fried rice mixed with fresh julienned vegetables, crunchy and savory stuffed spring rolls, and a choice (pre-ordered during the lunch ordering window) of tangy hand-carved lemon chicken, satisfying heaping scoops of vegetable lo mein noodles, or generous plump pieces of chicken with vegetables.

Is it any wonder why Panda Brothers day is a kid-favorite around here? This is no ordinary "public school lunch", people. It's restaurant quality fare at a bargain price because we are able to serve so many in one day.

Today's lunch:

So, we had to ask the owners of Panda Brothers, "How do you make this so delicious?!" We found out a few "chef secrets" to their success. First, Panda Brothers makes all their sauces from scratch. That's right, no pre-bottled sauces. The lemon chicken sauce is made with fresh lemons. All their sauces are made from the original raw ingredients right in their San Antonio kitchen. In fact, on the days that Panda Brothers serves chicken strips they bring individual servings of their homemade buffalo wing sauce which is so amazing that people ask them frequently if they will sell the sauce. (PS - Keep a look out on grocery store shelves in the future!)

We also found out that the chicken is so juicy, fresh and plump because it's handled fresh in the kitchen as well, not frozen. The chef hand carves and hand breads each piece of chicken daily. There is no "mechanically separated chicken" at Panda Brothers. And, if you've ever had the chance to volunteer for lunch duty on a Tuesday then you have likely sampled the Panda Brothers chicken and know the difference! The strips are HUGE. And, we mean huge.

And, here's an interesting tidbit: the name Panda Brothers is for the owners' three sons. It's nice to know that we can order great, fresh, nutritious food from a local family-owned business building a legacy for their children. Good things go in and good things come out.

If you haven't ordered a Tuesday meal for your Basis Blue Jay student(s) yet, why not give it a try next month during the ordering window as a special treat for your little ones? You won't be sorry. Panda Brothers, bravo! And, if your child had the amazing lunch by Panda Brothers today, ask them at pick up how it was now that you know what they had! How was the lo mein? How was the rice? Was it delicious? Was the chicken scrumptious?

We're hungry. Is it lunchtime yet?

To learn more about Panda Brothers, you can check out their website! http://pandabrothersdelivery.com/


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